How To Run A Profitable Business Without Leaving Home

When I talk with friends about Saratoga Springs, many tell me that they would love to relocate here, but they cannot afford to leave their high-paying jobs in NYC or whatever large city they currently reside in. This is certainly a common sentiment, however in this day and age there are many opportunities available for […]

Dating In Saratoga Springs – Some Good Old Fashioned Tips!

Dating in Saratoga Springs is much like dating in any other Northern US city, except that you are in Saratoga Springs which is a pretty awesome way to start off. So, that being said, lets look at some good old fashioned dating tips that will make your dates better no matter were you are or […]

Life In Saratoga Springs, New York

Ever wanted to visit Saratoga? Well, that’s something you might want to look into any time over year because the weather is amazing and there is a ton to see and do in this magnificent destination! Saratoga Springs, New York is a city well known for its opulence and natural beauty. It is important to […]